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About Us

Aarian Expo Inc has been established in 2000 as an Apparel sourcing solution for international fashion buyers worldwide. With Vast experience of 20 years in the apparel industry, we are one stop solution for all Knitted & Woven Garments  and Home furnishing textiles. 

Potentially Saving Your Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars



Sourcing Network

 Clients develop or source for products from different factories. There is a high chance that you will pay more for the products, besides wasting your valuable time.


Product Sampling

Co-ordinate with clients and manufacturer Garment sample which are made for completing an order in garments industry development samples and production samples.


Costings & Order Management

Order Management & Costing related to the creation and maintenance of orders.We quote highly competitive price and customizes services to provide complete cost-effective management.



Planning and developing startegies, analyzing customer reactions and  market trends to anticepate product needs.


Quality Controls & Inspections

During the bulk production process, quality inspection and control are key aspects that we monitor very closely .


Freight Forwarding & Customs

 We handle shipments quickly and smoothly.This includes aspects of paperwork, documentation, taxes, duties, and other formalities.

Why Choose Us


We work with the best factories

Highly qualified manufacturers portfolio with advanced equipment and skillful craftsmen.


Vast experience in the field

Our presence in apparel industry since 2000, having worked with many well known international brands, both wholesalers and retailers.


We get it done

Result oriented approach, Minimized risks is our addaded advantage.


Steady, long-lasting partnership

Focus on customer expectations to maintain steady and growing business relationships.


Child Labour

Under no circumstances, Employee workers below the minimum working age as established by labour law.


Market Intelligence

Fashion conscious, sourcing and product development,  following global trends, continuous research & development

Sourcing Materials

With flexible order quantity we source materials from any supplier across the globe with best quality

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance in every stage of the production  process inline and final quality inspections

Delivery Excellence

Support in global logistics and distribution services. effective claim handling approach


Corporate Office

Aarian Expo Inc
139  Umar Nagar  Podanur
Coimbatore   641023

Tirupur Office

East Street Palayakkadu
Tirupur   641607.

Phone  :   +91 94 86 23 43 53 
E-mail  :